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516 Smart Laundry Concept

Washing machines are smart devices and are now part of a Smart Laundry Process.

Smart – Fast – Connected – Whenever – Wherever – Available

Connect your washing machine and laundry basket or a washing machine with your computer. Even better! Connect it with your tablet, phone and smart watch. Now you are ready to start your laundry in only 2 steps.

You are able to check which washing machines are currently operating, who started the washing process, who is the client you are washing for, what is the weight and type of the linen, which program is used, at which stage of washing is the machine, what is the current temperature, water level and many more.
By using a pre-programmed user or RFID laundry cards there is really not much to do before you tap start. The card can contain all basic information about the user, the client, type and quantity of linen, program and other technical information. All you have to do is place the card near the washing machine and it will read all the information needed.

With 516 you can exchange data and commands with Krebe-Tippo machines, which enables other devices to check the machines status, start, pause or stop the washing process, check, change and update the washing program, get all statistical data and information about important issues like consumption or possible errors.

Krebe-Tippo machines are securely accessible through networks. You can be at work, on your way or relaxing at home. 516 is Fast and always Connected to you.

516 Smart washing machines are technologically advanced machines that
changed the way you did your laundry. Forever.

516 Classic

Washstation self-service laundries are now equipped with a new 516 Classic controller from the 516 Smart controller family.

516 Avant

New 516 Avant, a graphical display and multilanguage controller. The latest graphical design of 516 Avant ensures an easy and understandable operation. The possibility of 999 programs with an extensive component, SD card.

516 Touch

Touch screen controller 516 Touch is the core of 516 Smart concept. Compatible with all smart devices, computer, tablet, telephone and watch, anytime and anywhere, ensuring the best communication that a user can imagine. 999 possible programs for every specifical need. Numerous languages. Programmability through second user interface without any physical presence near the washing machine. RFID compatibility and SD card. Customised to every users needs and taste.

Second user interface

Quick overview of all 516 Smart washing machine data. Statistics, data processing and possibility of programming and managing from distance. Customized according to every users expectations.

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