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We equipped a laundry in Romania

Salesianer Miettex is a family enterprise. The core business of the company is the supply of a complete range of rented textiles. Also included are cleanroom textiles, washroom hygiene, mats for rent and promotional mats. The company was founded in 1916 and has many branches all over Europe – in Austria (the company head office is settled in Vienna), in Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and in Slovakia. Krebe-Tippo equipped their new laundry in Romania with seven profesional industrial washers: two washers PCH 351, one washer PCH 451, two washers PCH 631, one washer PCH 2001, and one washer PCF 111.

Date: 16. 9. 2015

We equipped a laundry in Prizren, Kosovo

Company “Renelual Tahiri” was established in the beginning of 1979 year, in the village od Zhur of the Prizren municipality while production department was in Shkoza village as an independent craftsman. During the periods of 1970 to 2013 a lot of positive changes were done on the promotion and developement of the company by increasing human as well as technical capacities. Now, the company run its activities in Shkoza, Prizren and Prishtina. Krebe-Tippo equipped their new laundry in Romania with two barrier washing machines of PCH-351.

Date: 19. 2. 2014
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