516 Smart Laundry Concept

516 Smart

516 Smart washing machines are Technologically Advanced Machines that changed the way you did your laundry. Forever.

  • 516 Classic
  • 516 Avant
  • 516 Touch
  • 516 Interface

Washing machines are Smart Devices and are now a part of Smart Industrial Laundry Process.

516 Classic

Washstation Self Service Laundries are now equipped with a new 516 Classic controller from the Smart family. Compatible with new and improved Smart Cash-Payment connected with WS App that provides easy monitoring of your laundry status during your free time.

516 Avant

A Multilanguage controller with a graphical display. 516 Avant’s simplicity enables extreme ergonomics of use. 999 programs with an extensive component – SD card and numerous new options that will be available with it.

516 Touch

Touch screen controller 516 Touch is the core of 516 Smart Concept. Its compatibility with smart devices such as computer, tablet, telephone or watch ensures the highest quality of information flow. 999 possible programs, numerous languages, programmability using 516 Interface without physical presence near the washing machine. RFID compatibility. Customized for Laundries that expect only the best.

516 Interface

Incredibly fast and easy programming of 516 Smart Controllers is just a few clicks away. 516 Interface is an elegant and extremely advanced solution in technical aspects of handling with 516 Controllers and an appreciated tool for all Laundry Managers who want to have constant access to Statistics, Data Processing and Machine Operation from far.


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