Hygienic & Advanced Clean-Room

Barrier washer extractors PCH Line

All machines are designed to ensure the best quality of washing results with minimum consumption of water, detergent, and energy. Machine construction is robust and stabile, designed to ensure longevity of each and every part of the machine under heavy burdening. Advanced solutions as Automatic Weighing System, Water Recycling System, several energy meters, High-Tech Controls, Monitoring System and many others, enable the user a safe, reliable, and optimal operation of the machine. With the widest selection of models (loading capacity in kg, 1:10) and options we guarantee to reach the highest level of Laundry needs and requirements, as well as user satisfaction. 

  • Hygienic & Clean Room (ISO 5) Solutions
  • Extreme Robustness & Stability
  • Ergonomy & Safety
  • Easy Service & Maintenance
  • Modern Technology
  • Optimized operation enabled with a selection of advanced Options
  • Flexibility
  • Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Agro, Food, Nuclear Industry & many more

PCH Line of Industrial Barrier Washing Machines with capacity from 16 to 230 kg for Commercial and Industrial Laundry-needs all over the World.

Let's Get Technical

Barrier design of industrial washing machines with high speed (up to 375 G Factor). All machines are equipped with a freely programmable Touch Screen Control. All models are standardly or optionally fully pneumatic (suspension, water, steam inlets, drain valves, door operation). Inner drums can be divided into 2 or 3 compartments, depending on the loading capacity (Pullman, Y-division). Advanced options of Automatic Weighing System, Water Recycling System, several energy meters, Hygiene Monitoring System, and much more are allowing us to provide the best solution even for the most demanding (ISO) laundries. 


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